Shimon Haber - The Great Buck Howard

The Great Buck Howard

Today, Shimon Haber is bringing you a small review on “The Great Buck Howard” by the director Sean McGinly. The movie stars John Malkovich, Colin Hanks, Emily Blunt, Ricky Jay, Steve Zahn and Tom Hanks.

Using the experiences that he gained while working as a personal assistant for the extraordinary Kreskin, Sean McGinly gives us an interesting overview of the world of show business. The entertainers are real stars in small communities, where they perform in order to entertain the common people.

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Shimon Haber - Centurion


According to Shimon Haber, “Centurion” (2010) is an action movie directed by Neil Marshall. The film stars Michael Fassbender, Dominic West, Olga Kurylenko, Paul Freeman, Ulrich Thomsen and David Morrissey.

In recent years, Hollywood is lacking quality historical epics. While the foreign cinematography creates successful movies, such as Warlords, Red Cliff, The Warrior and The Rise of Gingis Kan (nominated for Oscar), Hollywood didn’t manage quite well with the genre in the first half of the 21st century. There are also The Gladiator and Apocalypto,

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Shimon Hber - Olympus has fallen

Olympus has fallen

“Olympus has fallen” is an excellent action thriller, says Shimon Haber after watching this blockbuster directed by Antoine Fuqua. The film stars Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart.

Mike Banning is a former bodyguard of the president, who is trapped in the White House in the midst of a terrorist attack. Furthermore, he is former member of the Special Forces, and a man haunted by his past. Actually, he can’t forget the tragic accident, where the first lady of USA, Margaret Asher died. So, Mike decided to leave behind the service, and live a peaceful life with his wife Leah. However when a group of well-organized and armed North Korean terrorists take over the White House and take the U.S. President Benjamin Asher as a hostage, Mike gets a chance to redeem himself and save the first man of U.S. There is no other choice but to fight against the powerful and dangerous enemy in order to save the president and prevent the outbreak of a world war.

Antoine Fuqua the director of “Training Day” form 2001 accepted to create this classic story, which clearly defines the good and bad guys. “Olympus has fallen” is the first collaboration between Creighton Rothenberger i Katherine Benedict, and it is quite obvious that they have made a good job. Furthermore, the camera guy is Conrad W. Hall. The main protagonist is well portrayed, and the audience will quickly become conscious of his psychological profile. It is a man, who will get a second chance to risk his life for higher purposes.

“Olympus has fallen” is very entertaining high-tech action, with musical arrangements by Trevor Morris. But still, there are some inevitable clichés typical for this genre. Many will recognize some similarities between Banning and McLine (Bruce Willis), so it is possible that this action will have several sequels. Click here to find out more.

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Shimon Haber - Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Shimon Haber says that “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” is directed by John Hughes. The film stars Steve Martin, John Candy and Laila Robins. Road movies are quite difficult to shoot, especially, if you want to obtain some comic elements, and to send a message at the end of the film. However, in the 80s appeared a filmmaker with a vision. His name was John Hughes, who was successful in making teen romantic comedies, and left a mark in other genres. This movie was filmed 1987, when he decided to include adults and try something new.

The story happens in three days, and describes the journey of Neal Page (Steve Martin), a marketing specialist from New York, who tried to come home for the holidays. This business man, who tries desperately to reach home to Chicago from New York in order to spend Thanksgiving with his family. This will not be an easy task for him, once he fails to catch a cab, and nearly lost his head, and finally, his flight was delayed. Neal will not succeed to get to Chicago, and he will be in company of a very talkative merchant (for curtains). This talkative buddy doesn’t stop talking, and Neil is gone mad. This is just the beginning of Neil’s problems! This big guy succeeds to find them place to sleep over, afet their plane lands in Wichita. They continue travelling together, and despite the loss of their money which they had previously, they do not give up the mission. The cynical Neal will eventually soften, and acquire a new friend. After they failed even with the train, Neal and Del continue travelling by bus and car. Del’s mission is to bring Neal home to his wife and children. At the end, he succeeds to accomplish the mission, so the duo separated.

After almost a decade filming teen comedy, John Hughes decided to include some adults in his movies. All the things considered, John Hughes succeeded to make an excellent film. In addition, one of his most successful films is also “She’s Having a Baby”. Click here to find out more.


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Shimon Haber - End of watch

End of watch

This film is directed by David Ayer, says Shimon Haber. The film is starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Pena and Anna Kendrick. This is a great police movie filled with  lots of emotional scenes that will definitely hold your attention.

David Ayer is once again dealing with police officers and their lives. He is also making a story about friendship, love, marriage, family, sacrifice and dedication. Director sheds light on a group of courageous people willing to ready to risk their lives in order to protect the citizens. The protagonists are young police officers who patrol along the dangerous streets of South Central – one of the most dangerous parts in L.A. The gangs are the sole authorities out there. The darkest and most violent parts of the city are authentically portrayed, so these police officers risk their lives every day.  Brian Taylor and Mike Zavala were friends since the police academy.

The film focuses on a more realistic view, without the usual Hollywood shine; nevertheless, it is an excellent police movie. This is a raw picture of L.A. cops routines; enriched with the opinion of police officers, gang members, surveillance cameras, police cameras. This is a powerful story of a family, friendship, love, honor and courage. The audience gets an insight into the lives uniformed people, and their private life. The film is made on some locations in Los Angeles, because there are numerous ethnical gangs.

All the things considered, this is a great action movie. Actually, this is an excellent police movie that combines two genres action and documentary. Throughout the action scenes, there are also some emotional scenes filled with love, tenderness, care, sympathy. It will definitely hold your attention until the very end. Click here to find out more about the movie.

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Simon Haber - Men in Black 3

Men in black 3

The fantastic couple Agent J and Agent K is back in action, says Shimon Haber! The film hit is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, and the leading stars are Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin and Emma Thompson.

The action is set on some locations in New York City and LA. After 40 years in a specialized prison on the Moon, the evil alien, known as Boris the Animal (Jermaine Clement), is released with the help of his girlfriend (Nicole Scherzinger). Afterwards, he plans revenge and goes after the agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), because he previously arrested him. Boris travels back in the 60s, and tries to change the circumstances. Agent J (Will Smith) falls into an alternative present in which his partner is no longer alive. For those reasons, Agent J. goes back in 1969, where with the help from his younger agent K (Josh Brolin), is trying to correct the undesired events and save the life of his partner.

Barry Sonnenfeld has accepted the challenge to direct the third sequel, after the second one that had not so good reception by the audience, and rather disastrous by the critics. Etan Cohen wrote a movie script that is based on characters from the comic series ‘Men in Black’, by Lowell Cunningham. The production costs about $ 225 millions, so it is not a surprise the film has great special effects and hilarious creatures and aliens. Weapons used in the film give a totally different atmosphere to all the action scenes. The combination of action and humor works quite well when mixed together. The cast is a big hit, as we already know Will Smith is up to the task, and in the role of the younger agent K., Josh Brolin succeeded to give the very best of himself. Because of the concept of this story, the good old Tommy Lee Jones remained behind. Emma Thompson is fun and interesting as the Senior agent O. We need to point out the talent of the young actor from New Zealand, as Jermaine Clement is simply brilliant in the role of the main villain. Moreover, the concept of the story is great and with a clear intention to entertain us, without any complicated scenarios filled with inconsistencies.

All the things considered, the film gets a passing mark, and it is quite obvious that it is far better than its predecessor from 2002. It is recommended to the people of all ages and will definitely hold your attention, finishes Mr. Haber.

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Shimon Haber - Pain and Gain

Pain and Gain

The film is based on an incredible true story of a group of personal trainers who in 90′s in Los Angeles are after their American dream, and doing so they are caught up in criminal activity that went dangerously awry, says Shimon Haber.

After seeing the trailer which didn’t promise much, i.e. showed just what one might expect from Bay’s movie, now the surprises are quite big. Michael Bay has managed to capture a good movie! Let aside that he did it after almost 30 years of professional career, at the moment when Bay come out from his well-known environment full of action, massive explosions, grandiose spectacle practically based to nothing, excessive special effects … and went into the unknown territory of black comedy and displayed the story of three bodybuilders who decide to go on an interesting trip to achieve their American dream.

Yes, this is a brutal film that will make you cheer the anti-hero, laugh at them and finally have a good time, because not only cast is in good mood (especially The Rock, which also has the most interesting character), but also the screenplay is surprisingly very entertaining, well-designed and well-implemented and enforced through an interesting quip that each character has its moments of narrative, whether they are flashbacks to previous times or opinion on the current situation. I especially liked the idea of ​​constantly pushing the American dream in action, and how the characters are obsessed with it (especially Lugo), but what should be noted here is that the idea serves as a parody, a laughing stock, even a sort of a critique of today’s society, which is mostly based on idleness, abnormal values, violence.

Of course, the film has its flaws; it is definitely too long, you get the impression that the second story of the kidnapping is quite far-fetched and not as interesting and fast as the first one with Pepe Kershaw, but it is clear that it serves as a connection to the next story, finishes Mr. Haber.

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Shimon Haber - The Gangster Squad

The Gangster Squad

A vehement crime movie about a group of gangsters (Nick Nolte, Josh Brolin, and Ryan Gosling) which fights against the mob named Cohen (Sean Penn) and keeps an eye on his mistress Grace (Emma Stone), says Shimon Haber.

The plot of the movie is situated in corrupted Los Angeles in the period following after the Second World War, and the main heroes are police officers which are ruthlessly dealing with stronger gangsters.

The main villain of the “Gangster Squad” is a real person, the mobster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn) who in 1949 governs Los Angeles with his gangsters and with money coming from drug smuggling and prostitution, bribing corrupt politicians and police officers.

Therefore, the experienced police officer Bill Parker (Nick Nolte) establishes a special police unit with the most honest and the most violent police officers, led by John O’Mara (Josh Brolin), who brings Jerry Wootersa (Ryan Gosling) in the team.

“The Gangster Squad” begins a relentless war against Cohen and his associates, and their tactic is to first shoot and then arrest. The problem arises when the young Wooters falls in love with Cohen’s mistress Grace Faraday (Emma Stone)…

I personally expected a lot more from this movie, whose acting somehow appeared too cheap for me. The characters are not sufficiently processed and the romantic plot between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling does not have enough weight. There are plenty of killing and fighting scenes, which, of course, is already seen. The screenplay is weak and only Sean Penn managed to fulfill my expectations, says Shimon Haber.

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Shimon Haber - The Vow

The Vow

“The Vow” is the second film directed by a young American Michael Sucsy after his TV debut film ‘Grey Gardens’ from 2009. The scenario of this movie is based on a true story for the couple (Kim and Krickitt Carpenter), who after all stayed together says Shimon Haber. This heartbreaking story is an inspiration for Stuart Sender who nicely arranged everything in a story: ‘The Vow’. Adaptation of the story is made by Jason Katims, Abby Kohn & Marc Silverstein.

Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Channing Tatum) are young just married couple. It seems to be no end of their happiness, until one winter night when they have a car accident. Leo remains unharmed, but Paige falls into a coma. She is waking up, but there are the consequences. She is losing her memory and her husband for her is total stranger. A young man is forced to get her love again and he is deciding to try once again to win her heart. These new circumstances are a great opportunity for her parents, her father Bill (Sam Neill) and mother Rita Thornton (Jessica Lange), to return her in the family home and to manage her life in a direction which they are considering to be right.

Haber says that this is a drama with a bit of humor, which from the beginning is making clear to the average viewer where everything will be and how will all end. A lot of pathetic, mixed emotions and different perspectives on a life rapidly are developing in a predictable direction, until the expected happy-end.

Although the film deals with serious theme, created as a result of unfortunate and even a bizarre case, it is not credible transferred to the audience. The female part of the population hastily is deciding to watch this movie because it is a good opportunity to compare their experiences with those of the main actress in this romantic drama.

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Shimon Haber - This is 40

This Is 40

Since he made a good impression on critics, especially on the audience with its hilarious comedy “Knocked Up”, director Judd Apatow after about 5 years decided to make a follow up, says Shimon Haber.

What’s interesting is that now deals with the matrimonial problems of Pete (Paul Rudd) and Debbie (Leslie Mann), otherwise minor characters from the first movie. Putting the action in a period immediately before Pete will turn in his 40 years, Apatow gives us an excellent illustration of the relationship between spouse, which is slowly, but surely catching with midlife crisis.

Through comedic form the audience learns of numerous, quite ordinary problems that are plaguing the average (U.S.) family: mischief children who grow and mature (which most parents would go insane, because it applies well known: small children – small trouble and big children- big problems), poor management (and hence the financial problems), worse physical appearance (a tendency to obesity, so giving up from a lot of nice things, like the delicious cakes) and visual saturation of years of common life of spouses (where sex becomes only routine, without any passion). All these are well-known facts, universal themes, with whom can identify common people, who are fighting every day to achieve the objectives, which would allow them a better life.

Just such authenticity, and a necessary dramaturgy with humorous sequences, and the witty, intelligent dialogue set are the biggest advantages of this comedy. Well done study that displays the life in 40’s needs a director (with similar age) that will on the basis of his own experiences, expose all the ‘dirty laundry’ which remains within the walls of a comfortable family home. Normally, the casting was very important to get it all through acting, interpreted in a straightforward, natural way.

It is fair to say that engaged actors did their best to leave a better impression, says Haber. Regardless of the criticism, that the action was too long for an urban comedy, this movie deserves intermediate grade. The main reason is that you will undoubtedly have some fun and at times have very good laugh. And the purpose of making a comedy is just exactly that, right?

This Is 40 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote
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